Depending on what brand of paint a professional painter or the customer chooses determines how cold it can be to paint the exterior of your home. Some brands allow the customer to paint when the temperature low is around fifty degrees. Other paint brands allow you to paint when the temperature is as cold as thirty-five degrees! Depending on your climate and weather patterns, determines which brand you would be safest going with. 

Weather and Exterior Paint

Here in Michigan, our weather patterns are very unpredictable, and we must prepare for the worst-case scenario. Choosing the paint that is able to withstand thirty-five-degree weather is the safest option. Cold weather slows the drying time, and this extends the recoat times as well. It is better to paint when the weather is a bit warmer. If you paint in cold weather you can risk color uniformity, water spotting in latex paint, terribly slow and inconsistent drying time, or film cracking. 

 Typically, the best temperature to paint your exterior is with temperatures are ranging anywhere from sixty degrees to around eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit. There should also be little to no wind. Too much wind can cause the paint to dry too quickly. Forty to seventy percent humidity is the ideal range to ensure that the paint dries accurately. Following these simple tips will ensure that you have no issues with your exterior paint project!

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