The question our experts get often is, should I paint my walls first or install my flooring? We are here to help you with your home renovation priorities. If you are like many, you may know how to paint but may not be the expert painter. Therefore, this may lead to error, spills, damage, accidents, and expensive repairs or fixes. Don’t put your floors or walls in harms way. Leave it to the experts at 1-800-Painters.

If you are indeed going to attempt this yourself, please paint prior to the flooring install. 

Typically, if customers are planning a DIY project, we direct customers to do what would be the least expensive to fix, first. It’s the easiest way to make a list of your home renovation priorities. The Carpet Guy’s have now partnered with 1-800-Painters to fit all your home renovation needs! Home updates are our specialty and we can take care of any space in your home or business and transform it into your vision. 

Many painters wish to have the old flooring still in place. Doing it this way ensures that any paint spills or even equipment indentations will not damage any new flooring or carpet. If the new flooring is installed prior to the painting, then extra precautions are taken to protect the flooring. 1-800-Painters uses non permeable drop cloths and/or a non-slip acetates.

The simple solution for us at 1-800-Painters is that we can do the job either before or after you install new floors. Likewise, our crews garner years of experience and craftsmanship and will handle your floors with delicate white glove service.

We take every concern our customers may have into consideration. We will provide a careful service regardless if you decide to paint first or lay your flooring first. It’s our promise to you the customer to make sure your Home Renovation Priorities are ours as well. 

Unlike other painting companies, 1-800-PAINTERS offers a 10-Year Warranty on our work. No other provider in the Metro Detroit area backs their work the way we do.

Customer Benefits:

  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Top notch customer service
  • Affordable Prices
  • Easy Next Day Painting
  • Free Furniture Moving
  • Free Prep Work

For your painting solutions contact 1-800- Painters. We cover all jobs from residential to commercial applications and provide top-notch customer service for Metro Detroit. We also can take care of 


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